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Focus: Stories, interviews, best practices, and more from leaders of hospitals and health systems, physician practices, and health plans.

Audience Makeup: 59% mid-level through executive

Average Distribution: 85,000+

Distribution Frequency: Monthly

2019 Calendar

January 2019 | Payment Trends


  • Henry Ford Health System Joins the Direct-Contracting Push
  • Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule: 3 Steps for Providers to Take
  • A Multispecialty Physician Network Streamlines Operations to Improve Quality

February 2019 | Price Transparency


  • Beyond the Mandate: Better Strategies for Price Transparency
  • Q&A: Do New Price Transparency Regulations Improve the Patient Experience?
  • Managing Mental Health in the Workplace: A Strategy to Retain Employees

March 2019 | Cost Transformation


  • Who Should Own an Organization’s Cost Transformation Efforts?
  • Catalyzing Cost Transformation at a Rural Hospital
  • Focusing on Facilities for Sustainable Cost Savings

April 2019 | Analytics


  • Data Provides Valuable Insight into the Social Determinants of Health
  • Using AI to Improve Population Health
  • Testing a Model to Improve Care Coordination in the Community

May 2019 | Consumerism


  • The Role of the C-Suite in Organizational Efforts to Optimize the Patient Experience
  • Strategies to Improve Patient Access in Physician Practices
  • Development of a Change Agenda for the New Consumer Healthcare market

June 2019 | Integration


  • Moving from Technical Issues to Higher-Level Interoperability Issues
  • What Allows Top Integrated Healthcare Organizations to Excel?
  • Using Data to Engage Physicians in Cost Cutting

July 2019 | Innovation


  • Approaches that set organizations that expedite innovation apart from those that are slower to change

August 2019 | Market Disruption


  • Strategies that can help traditional provider organizations respond effectively to the arrival of new types of competitors

September 2019 | Technology


  • How healthcare leaders should evaluate whether to invest in new technology, given all the options

October 2019 | Enterprise Risk


  • How organizations should account for new types of disaster scenarios that add to the complexity of risk management

November 2019 | Strategic Planning


  • Best practices for engaging the workforce in strategic transformation

December 2019 | Policy


  • Key takeaways for leaders from the year in healthcare policy

Healthcare Finance Strategies

Focus: Case studies and best-in-class strategies from across the healthcare continuum.

Audience Makeup: 70.5% mid-level through executive

Average Distribution: 80,000+

Distribution Frequency: Bi-Monthly

HFMA’s Annual Conference

Focus: Insights into news and happenings from HFMA’s Annual Conference

Audience Makeup: 79% mid-level through executive

Average Distribution: 60,000+

Distribution Frequency: Three on-site issues

Patient Friendly Billing—A Special Edition of Healthcare Finance Strategies

Focus: Case studies and best-in-class strategies focused on improving

Audience Makeup: 78% mid-level through executive

Average Distribution: 60,000+

Distribution Frequency: Bi-Monthly

Healthcare Cost Containment

Focus: Practical strategies to build financial strength

Audience Makeup: 87% mid-level through executive

Average Distribution: 6,500+

Distribution Frequency: Bi-Monthly

Physician Business Adviser

Focus: Practical healthcare finance insights for physician leaders.

Audience Makeup: 93.5% mid-level through executive

Average Distribution: 15,000+

Distribution Frequency: Monthly