If you’re looking to stand out from your competition, increase your brand recognition, and leverage your customer satisfaction to target more purchasing decision makers, stop looking. THE SHORT LIST spotlights a select group of high value, high quality healthcare business products, services, and ROI calculators that have earned the designation “Peer Reviewed by HFMA.”

The thorough process involves:

  • Initial screening
  • Customers and prospects surveyed by HFMA
  • Presentation to Peer Review volunteer evaluation committee
  • Legal review
  • Peer Review status determination and results shared with applying company
  • If passed, a licensing agreement is established followed by a full marketing launch and an 18-month interim review

Companies that earn the designation can select between two tiers of marketing deliverables that include everything from presence in hfm, online promotion, media releases, special event promotions,  webinars, and the ability to present a case study with a provider client at HFMA’s Annual Conference. Download an overview of the Peer Review process and benefits.

It doesn’t cost anything to participate in the product or service evaluation process. Start your application todayIf you have an HFMA account, log in to start the application process. If you do not have an HFMA account, you will need to create one.

Hear what companies have to say about earning the Peer Review designation:

State Collection Service, Inc.
When we first embarked on the process to get Peer Reviewed, what stood out to me was the diligence displayed by the program. Then, when we earned the distinction, we understood why HFMA refers to Peer Reviewed products and services as being on “The Short List.” The marketplace is crowded with competition so earning this designation gives us an advantage—not only are we recognized through a multitude of HFMA’s marketing channels but knowing that HFMA members are aware of the process and view it with high regard truly creates value. Over the last three years, we can directly identify 4 RFPs that stemmed from our involvement in the Peer Review program—and we won three of those accounts. I would highly recommend the Peer Review program to companies who are looking to differentiate themselves from their competition.
— Steve Beard, Chief Business Development Officer, State Collection Service, Inc.

Simon’s Agency
“Earning HFMA’s Peer Review designation has generated significant value for us. We are recognized as being one of the select organization’s whose service is on the coveted SHORT LIST. In addition, HFMA provides us the tools we need to highlight our designation at events across the country giving us an advantage over our competition. At the HFMA Annual Conference specifically, we benefited from increased traffic to our booth because of our designation allowing us to engage with attendees and demonstrate our knowledge and ability to help them overcome their most pressing needs.”
— Arne Salkin, Regional Sales Executive, Simon’s Agency